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Whether you have purchased a new or used car, it's probably one of the largest financial outgoings from your income. Why should you pay more for your Car Servicing and Maintenance. We guarantee you the reassurance that when we service your vehicle it will be maintained professionally,

With more than 30 years in the Car Servicing business, has taught us that to be successful, there are a few key elements you must excel at, if you want customers to keep returning and refer others to you as well.

It is a well-known fact that our trade has a poor reputation for the way it treats its customers. We have always looked to capitalise on this by demonstrating very clearly that we operate in exactly the opposite way. We have built our business on being honest and genuine with our customers and in fulfilling the promises we make. Our customers appreciate this and we enjoy a very high level of repeat business, we have found loyalty does truly work both ways.

At Frank’s Auto Centre, we stock the widest range of tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s to suit your driving needs and budget.

Whether you drive a car, van, SUV or 4x4; Frank’s Auto Centre stock a vast range of great value tyres from the world’s leading tyre brands.

Every driver has a different need for a tyre and manufacturers design their tyres to provide different performance benefits under specific conditions. You may have a Taxi, a commercial van or a motorway cruiser Frank’s Auto Centre has a tyre for you.

Come in to see us and our experts will provide the best advice to suit your vehicle and driving style.


To get the best from your vehicle it’s essential it is well maintained and serviced. Allowing problems to go undiagnosed will mean higher bills and longer periods of time without its use. So, servicing is very important. We of course check the fluid levels, spark plugs and brakes, to name but a few, making sure any problems are identified and repaired or replaced.

Servicing is performed by our fully qualified mechanics, who are here to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. 

Other services offered are MOT testing & engine diagnostics. Vehicles today are very sophisticated and by having the latest equipment to hand we can provide the best results.

Your car’s exhaust system is one of those hidden and often forgotten components. Poor exhaust systems can reduce efficiency and result in toxic emissions, poor fuel efficiency and an MOT failure. If you are not sure what condition your exhaust is in just drop in and we can perform a simple check and our advice is free.

Brakes on a vehicle are the most important part of your vehicle. The driver and other public road user want it to stop quickly and efficiently. Worn brakes pads are not only inefficient in stopping the vehicle but can also damage disc/drum causing these elements to be replaced and so adding further costs. Again, we can inspect your brakes and advise how best to proceed.

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